Skype for Business Music on Hold (MoH) Not Playing

Today, I came across a weird issue with the Skype for Business Client. When a caller is placed on hold by a Skype for Business user, the caller does not hear the default music on hold. Instead they hear beeps every so often. Looking at the global client policy on the Skype for Business server I could see that music on hold was indeed enabled.

On the client machine, I verified that music on hold was actually enabled, and it was. Next I checked that the default hold music file could actually be resolved by the Skype for Business client by verifying its path. Indeed the Skype for Business client could verify its path. The default path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office15\Media\DefaultHold.wma

Next, I checked if this file actually could be played independently using Windows Media Player, and success.

Troubleshooting this further I decided to change the default client policy to a custom music on hold file I stored on the client workstation called moh.wma and saved it to the root of C:\

Set-CsClientPolicy –identity Global –MusicOnHoldAudioFile “c:\moh.wma”

When I signed out, exited the client and signed back in and checked that the music on hold file location, I noticed it had not changed and was still pointing to the default location and music on hold still did not work.

I then created a new client policy using the following command

New-CsClientPolicy –PolicyName “HQOfficePolicy” –EnableClientMusicOnHold $True –MusicOnHoldAudioFile “c:\moh.wma”

And applied it to my test user

Set-CsUser –ClientPolicy “HQOfficePolicy”

Again signed out and exited the skype for business client application and then signed back in.

Tested music on hold and great it worked!

So why doesn’t the default music work?

Taking what I know works now, I tried to work back the cause and using the new client policy I created, changed the music on hold path back to default. Music on hold did not work.

I then copied the defaulthold.wma file from its default location to the root of C:\ and then applied this change to my client policy

Set-CsClientPolicy –Identity “HQOfficePolicy” –MusicOnHoldAudioFile “c:\defaulthold.wma”

And then music on hold worked with the default music

I am not sure if this is a bug specifically with my lab deployment or this is a wider issue, so wanted to take 5 minutes and raise this as a potential “undocumented feature” of skype for business. If anyone can confirm if they have the same issue or not that would be great.



  1. We definitely facing the same problem in our environment.

    There is also second solution:

    Go to the skype client on a user PC
    open –> Settings / ring-tons and sounds / select Music on hold and go to browse. Then make a double-click to the “DefaultHold.wma”. After this it works for this user on each workstation. Strange but it seems that the client wrote some information back to the Lync-Server environment for this user.

    It would be interested to know what the problem is in detail. I will open a support case at Microsoft.


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