Skype for Business – Statistics Manager Agent Update Certificate

After you have installed the Statistics Manager Agent, things should run smoothly until that date 3 years down the line the service suddenly stops working and cannot be restarted. You will no doubt start to sweat a little and wonder why after so long has this stopped working – there have been no changes, no updates, no messing.

You will probably find that your Statistics Manager server certificate has expired. If you renew this certificate or get a new one then you will need to perform the following steps

Open the PerfAgentexe.config file on your Skype for Business servers located in the following location C:\Program Files\Skype for Business Server StatsMan Agent

Find <setting name=”PrimaryThumbprint” serializeAs=”String”>

The replace the value with the new certificate thumbprint.

Restart the Agent service and it should return to normal.



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